Agile Service Oriented Solutions (SOA)


  • Service Oriented Architecture(SOA) is a conceptual architecture.  
  • It organizes business functions as interoperable services
  • It allows reusing application services to give compliance to the needs of the business.  
  • SOA is based on open standards.  
  • It is independent of the manufacturers.  SOA is also a strategy of IT at business level 


Why SOA?
  • It satisfies in an agile way your IT requirements, managing the gap between business evolution and technology changes.
  • It creates services based on standards, interoperable and independent of a specific supplier.  
  • It reuses your current application logic for the creation of new applications or functionalities supporting your business processes.  
  • SmartJSP can guide you in the process of implementing SOA solutions


SmartJSP SOA Services Portfolio
  • Architecture
  • Agile Development:  Based on agile languages like Groovy and  latest generation Java frameworks  
  • Implementation of Infrastructure:  From the implementation of standard Web Service Registry,  mediation buses (ESB) like apache service Mix or WS02,  to integration Process servers (BPM), monitoring, government and/or application layers like Corporate Portals, intranets, collaboration software   and security.  
  • SOA Training:  A fundamental success factor to perform a smooth transition/change of the executive culture and to lead the evolution of the technical team.  
Our experience in strong open source plafforms such as WSO2 & commercial products like IBM WebSphere, Oracle Weblogic, agile development methodologies and integration with SOA infrastructure in Global projects allows us to offer you the ideal portfolio of SOA services to extend your IT strategy to the SOA world according to your degree of maturity and your future perspectives.