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SmartSalud Integrates vital areas of the clinic such as medical history, medical appointments and outpatient  with the administrative management covering processes such as inventory control, Accounting, file collection - Sales, Call Center and others in a web and mobile environment, secure in a friendly and flexible way.

It includes (at no additional cost) workflows, Document Management, Business Intelligence, indicators (KPI), medical history and dating management in SmartPhones for Managers; It is multi-lingual, multi-currency allowing transparency in transactions between companies and countries.


Ways in which you can get the solution

  • Especially for SMEs: taking a monthly subscription without permanence clauses at very competitive prices which according to the needs of the clinic or hospital, the user selects the features they want.

Ideal for associations or guilds who want to standardize processes and deliver value-added tools to their partners.

We offer discounts for volume and advanced payment

In this mode SmartJSP provides everything necessary for the operation of SmartSalud that means an application server and a web server without additional license costs as all these tools are Open Source

  • Implementation: for larger projects or that require customization (modify or extend the product)  it can be installed in private data centers and with our licensing model open source (0 cost) which rationalizes investment in integration services your company requires.


Web compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, MS Explorer.

Architecture: Web 2.0 - Java Enterprise/SOA/RIA.

Supports servers: Linux, Unix and MS Windows XP/7/Server.

Mobile: Compatible with smartphones with Android 2.2 or higher.

Integrable to other applications using open standards such as Web Services and/or asynchronous communication


Current Health Sector Issues

  • Currently there are no  integral informatic solutions in the healthcare industry, that cover medical, technical and administrative processes, known to be part of health centers, clinics, doctor's offices and hospitals and that manage a nimbly and efficiently flow of information with insurers and control entities.
  • Some entities acquire different software for partial control of internal processes leading to:

o   High software costs

o   Reprocessing or having to type the information in different programs

o   Not having centralized information in real-time

o  Staff dedicated to learn a tool that covers a specific area

o   Manual Integration processes

o   Dependency to multiple sofware providers

o  Costs in maintenance and customization of the tool

o   Although it is a single entity different areas work completely independently

o   Errors when presenting information                

Below we have a video that in a complete and sumarized way presents our SmartSalud product.



SmartSalud is an integrated informatic system that includes essential administrative and medical processes for hospitals, clinics, health professionals and the managing of information with external entities such as insurers and control entities in and  agile and safe way.

It includes management  in web 2.0 and mobile technology, patient history under international standards (HIPAA) - (HL7) and in compliance with local confidentiality laws of patient data.

SmartSalud has multiple identification checks and high levels of security to access for the different users (patients, doctors, nurses, administrative staff and others).

Navigation is intuitive for the user and easy to use helping in the processes of everyday life.



Other features of the solution


  • Solution Integrated with SmartERP that automates financial collection, inventory, manufacturing and other business processes

  • Unique processes and optimized with complete tracking and monitoring

  • Reduced integration needs
  • Optimizes costs
  • Improves and facilitates the users learning curve
  • Multi-level security, auditing, historical records of transactions, confidentiality and encryption of information
  • Auditing in all transactional system operations that let you know at any time who, when and what information was modified
  • Precise identification of the patient.
  • Facilitates patient's medical history generated in other health institutions.
  • Mobile and flexible access to patient's critical information.
  • Improves efficiency in admissions and ways the patient can pay
  • Notice and automatic appointment reminderIt enables effective management of payments/financial collection per institution.
  • Requirements control Compliance, auditing and reporting of control entities, insurance companies and other institutions that require integration or sending/ receiving control information, management and/or statistics.

Integrated with SmartERP (Integrated Management System)

Transparently SmartSalud integrates to SmartERP administrative solution that integrates the operations of the company (Financial collection, Suppliers, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, etc.) minimizing everyday processes and optimizing decision making in real time.

 We invite you to learn more details of our SmartERP solution

SmartSalud the best option for your Organization 

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