SmartPOS - Point of Sales integrated with SmartERP 100% Web

SmartPOS integrates the vital areas of production (ERP) from the kitchen, the process of transformation of products (SCM), supplier management, distribution of processed ingredients and sales (POS) of business retail such as restaurants, pharmacies, etc, with the administrative management, covering processes such as formula creation, recipes, ingredients lists, inventory control, Accounting, Financial collection, Shopping - Sales and others, in a web, mobile (ERP) and a POS touchscreen agile and friendly in secure environment.

It includes special features such as workflows, document management, business intelligence, indicators (KPI), in SmartPhones (Android technology) for Managers; It is multilingual, multi-currency, muti-organization enabling transparency in transactions between branches, points of sales, restaurants, of the same chain of companies and countries.
Aspects protruding from the smartPOS solution
  • Inventory with multiple prices
  • Management of units of measurement per product
  • 100 WEB%
  • Ability to reconcile/synchronize information for advanced scenarios
  • Parametric reports
  • It provides multiple anti-fraud controls
  • Optimizations for handling tips per value or percentage
  • Optimizations for handling global discounts and/or per Item
  • And most importantly with industrial quality tested levels in international level restaurant chains.
  • 100% open source - only implementation services, training, support and extensions is acquired
Below we have a video that in a complete and sumarized way presents our SmartPOS Product

Intregarted withSmartERP (Integrated Management System)

Transparently SmartPOS integrates to SmartERP administrative solution that integrates the operations of the company (Financial collection, Suppliers, Inventory, Manufacturing, Accounting, etc.) minimizing everyday processes and optimizing decision making in real time.


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The SmartPOS capture window is intuitive for the user, easy to use and optimized for frequent processes that are performed by points of sales in their daily tasks.


General Characteristics

A product ready to meet the needs of the points of sales of your business.

  • Designed specifically for touch screens.
  • Very flexible and highly customizable solution.
  • Suitable for a wide range of retail businesses.
  • Configurable for any POS environment.
  • It allows better assistance to its customers.
  • Optimization of various processes; faster and more efficiently. Increased employee productivity because of its ease of use.
  • 100% Open Source No hidden costs or licensing costs. Minimize your investment.
  • Easy customization of receipts and reports.
  • Untethered to any supplier.
  • Accelerated implementation.
  • Integrated financial collection management, inventory, manufacturing and other automated processes in the ERP business.



Integrated Administrative, Financial and Accounting Operations with the POS

  • Products, categories, images, taxes, warehouses, users and roles, etc.
  • Organize and centralize the key data of your company.
  • Ensure coherence and tracking of processes.
  • Organize inventory with multiple units and prices plus more attributes than products for easy management.
  • Available in several languages: Spanish, French and English and easily configurable in many others.


Sales Management, Returns and Cash

  • Tax management, bar codes, discounts, promotions, payments, etc.
  • Edit flexibly and simultaneously multiple receipts from one or more terminals.
  • Have multiple payment methods including cash or card.
  • Combination of payment methods in a transaction.
  • Easily integrate the POS system with third party peripheral systems.
  • Effectively manage refunds.
  • Schedule tickets with future dates of sale and delivery.
  • Management of temporary tickets for Point of Sale.
  • Simplified returns process.

Warehouse management

  • Product properties, product movements, inventory count, product receipts, etc.
  • Manage multiple stores transparently.
  • Keep your inventory constantly updated.
  • Know the exact localization of your stock.
  • See the traceability of your product from entering the company or factory until it leaves.
  • Check the settings and inventory shrinkage presented in the activity.

Reports and Graphs

  • Reporting, filtering, charts, etc.
  • Monitor the status of your retail business.
  • Get the information you need when you need it.
  • Improve the decision-making process of your company.
  • Customize reports adapting them to their needs quickly and easily.
  • Export your reports in multiple formats such as PDF, html, xml, csv and excel.


Module for Tablets and Phones> 7 "

  • Ability to request with mobile devices


  • Roles, users, access restrictions, etc.
  • Secure access to your POS solution.
  • Manage multiple roles and user profiles.
  • Protect the most sensitive actions.
  • Agile support for integration with other applications.
  • Scalable to support configurations ranging from one terminal to multiple terminals per store, to multiple terminals in shops.

Registration and consignment process control

  • Inventory control in Consignment 
  • Registration required by the supplier when the sale is generated

Support Combos (Light Manufacturing), Cash Closure Management and much more.