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Open source


It refers to software where users can study, modify and improve its design through the availability of its source code.

Open source is distributed and developed freely in order that by sharing the code, reviewing it, and it being evaluated around the world by people of various profiles, the resulting program is of  superior quality and innovation than licensed software.

The user does not cancel any value for this type of software which is attractive and interesting for companies looking for flexible, innovative, comprehensive and global standards among other features products.  Usually you invest only in advanced consulting services for integration, customization, training and so on.

Our products are based on Open Source software quality.

The Perfect Software is an utopia, and as a user  "traditional or commercial" solutions implicate adapting to their limitations or to pay astronomical costs for software quality.

Are there alternatives? Yes, the open source software of high quality, where applying LEGO logic: for most scenarios of solving your needs we have 80% open high quality software ready and you only invest in the remaining 20% through agile and flexible adjustments, training and/or development, which always allows growth and integration into the rhythm of the organization

What does the customer then purchase taking into account that the software has no cost?

  • Implementation, development and integration services
  • Training tailored to geography and business
  • Fast deliveries: weekly or monthly, ongoing assessment and gradual budget execution.



Some Advantages

  • They adapt to your business, not your business to them.
  • Licensing costs = 0
  • The software is secondary, what matters is the solution and results, optimizing time, quality and budget.
  • 100% Web 2.0, mobile (Android. IOS) multiplatform (Linux, Windows), multi-language.
  • Easy to adapt, they do not require expensive infrastructure.
  • Creative, flexible, open and easy to maintain.
  • Reliable: Permanently we have our reputation and experience publicly, for customer project security and insurance.
  • With Quality, Methodology and Global experience: Canada, U.S.A., Spain, Panama, Ivory Coast, Ecuador, Colombia.Innovation solutions, practices and global standards.
  • No maintenance contracts that restrict  the customer exist.
  • Built in record time.
  • The company invests in what you really need.


Acquires the services you need and gradually  to your growth  you can add features and/or services.

Scalable: * Starting from Cloud models special for SMEs: taking a monthly subscription without  permanence clauses at very competitive prices which according to your needs select the features you want. *And moving to Custom Implementation: for larger projects or  proyects that require customization (modify or extend the product).

We rationalize consulting costs, implementation, support, training and maintenance, adjustable to your budget, optimizing ROI.

We balance innovation and productivity.

With a bilingual senior high performance team, we reuse collaborative efforts globally, reducing costs, generating more innovation and implementing the best practices.


The idea seems very radical in the business world, where the idea of open source associated with something unprofessional still prevails, a 'toy program' which is more likely to fail than commercial programs.

To refute this idea, nothing better than to look at the internet infrastructure: DNS, TCP/IP, languages like Java open source php, Perl, etc., robust Unix operating systems such as Linux, FreeBSD, Android are behind most of the content network and are the gears that run the Internet.

What if they disappeared? These programs have demonstrated a high degree of reliability and resistance to the continuous changes that occur every day on the Internet.

Now, we're not talking about infrastructure pieces only, in the world of free high quality software there are projects related to CRM, ERP, SCM, portals, BPM, Anayltics, Big Data, Internet of Things and many more that for some years and because of their comprehensive and collaborative dynamics have surpassed in flexibility, functionality and quality their counterparts in the business world.

In this alternative business reality we could clearly find the difference between open source solutions:

1. Community Open Source: Strong and of high-quality: often written in language Java, C + + supporting multiple database engines such as: Postgres, mysql, hsql, oracle, db2; and allowing configurations of high availability (7x24), load balancing with multiple servers, layers, operating systems and responding equal or better than their commercial competitors.


2. In these solutions the quality (tests in several global cycles) and interoperability are a priority, so topics such as integration, SOA, BPM, workflow and others are easily integrated with multiple product alternatives or platforms such as WSO2 and many others according to the nature of the business.
3. Individual or community of medium or small size: for personal use or for very specific uses, commonly written in php, ruby & rails; where the issues of scalability, integration, maintenance and other long-term issues are not necessarily a priority, and where some quality, performance and results are sacrificed.
SmartJSP your ally in adopting processes for open source solutions!

SmartJSP integrates and implements High Quality Open Source solutions.  Our extensive previous experience in commercial environments such as: IBM WebSphere, Oracle WebLogic, middleware platforms and strong databases engines like Oracle and DB2 allow us to choose and integrate the best of the Open Source world for you, thereby optimizing the results of your investment, assuring the continuity of your business and managing all the critical aspects of your project like: agile maintenance,  scalability, flexibility and integration with your current systems.

Did you know that IBM, Oracle, Nokia and Google are the main supporters and sponsors of high-quality Open Source solutions? Many of their commercial products have components  or versions tested by Open Source communities before releasing the commercial license models.

Did you know that the following companies promote and base the majority of their products on high-quality free software technologies and / or products:

Multiple Options of Implementation/Usage

SmartJSP offers different alternatives to implement these solutions:  

  • Software as a Service (SaaS) Subscription in shared environments on the internet.
  • Cloud Computing:  Subscription in dedicated environments (easier scalability) on the internet.  
  • Client (On Premise) Implementations. We can install, configure and integrate Open Source products in your current infrastructure onSite or through remote services using VPN.
  • Integral Solutions using High quality hosting services from SmartJSP allies: Our allies provide enterprise datacenter services including network connectivity, storage and multiple options of professional hosting with dedicated servers and 99,99% availability.

We also offer different levels of technical support for your projects plus free technical resources like: developers community, mailing lists,  knowledge databases and so on.

Additional Support Options in the Open Software World
Free support available in:
· Development Community
· Mailing lists
· Global Knowledge Base (historical archives)

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