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1. SmartPOS 3.2. Advanced Integrated Point of Sale  100% Web and Integrated with SmartERP (Idempiere Distro)

2. Enhanced financial reports extension for Idempiere/Adempiere ERP

3. Panama localization for Idempiere/Adempiere ERP

And much more.

Conferences & Events

SmartJSP at the National University Radio: In recent days, we shared on the radio at Universidad Nacional, the following discussion on the best IT practices in the agricultural and livestock sectors, and some details about our SmartGanadero, Smartagro solutions: 

http: //www.unradio.unal.edu.co/detalle/cat/el-coloquio/cy/2013/cm/8/article/pedro-rozo.html

SmartJSP in Krefeld, Germany, During 2015 & 2013, we had the pleasure of participating in the first and second global conferences of Idempiere ERP, sharing our technological advances and contributions with the SmartPOS solution, in the following URL, you will find information related to this event which was organized in Krefeld, Germany. http://wiki.idempiere.org/en/IDempiere_World_Conference & http://wiki.idempiere.org/en/IDempiere_World_Conference_2015