Implementation & Integration of Enterprise Level Open Source Infrastructure & Middleware

SmartJSP can be the bridge between your management team,and your technical experts to implement Open Source products and middleware suites; from business presentations to mentoring activities, we know how the communication should flow, how we should support and lead the technical experts when they need it and how to transmit your business priorities to the team..

Perhaps your team, like many in the IT industry, has experienced issues related with miscommunication between management and technical people, the lack of understanding of your business priorities from your technical experts.

You should know that you are not alone… the traditional model is changing now, and technical projects are requesting more IT technical leaders with holistic understanding of your business to "orchestrate" your project manager plans and to translate your ideas into specific technical tasks, maximizing the return of your investment.

Our team creates the difference between an academic project plan created by a project manager and a realistic project schedule validated with all your technical team .

We maximize the productivity and motivation of your team, adding our expert leadership, guidance and technical advice during the evolution of your open source adoption strategy.

We can help you implement:

  •  Linux Operating Systems like: CentOS, Ubuntu and PCLinux , all of them tested and ready to go.
  •  Open and Flexible database engines such as:  PostgresSQL, MariaDB, HSQL
  •  Multiplatform Virtualization environments for development, testing and production using VirtualBox
  •  Cloud Computing using our allied datacenter facilities or Amazon Appliances
  •  Directory and Security services like Open LDAP y Apache Directory
  •  PKI middleware : SSL, digital certificates and biometric technology
  •  Middleware and Integration Suites such as: JBoss, WS02, ESB, BPM; we are experts implementing and customizing open Java application and web servers like JBoss, Glassfish  and Tomcat
  • Solutions for businesses; ERP, CRM, POS, BI, ETL, BPM, Portals and many more.
  • Multi-platform virtualization using VirtualBox

WSO2 platform


IT project leadership for multilingual teams: In the new global market where providers, customers and partners might be located in different geographical sites, SmartJSP offers extensive experience, guiding multilingual teams that are located in remote locations, when formality of communications should have a good balance between efficiency and productivity maximizing your ROI.

Implementation of custom methodologies with maximum adaptability for your projects: From water-fall, Rational Unified Process (RUP-SOMA) to iterative and agile methodologies, we understand the pros and cons of each approach for each project scenario and we can customize all these well-known disciplines and good practices for your team and specific needs, we know how to put everyone together to achieve your goals and fulfill your expectations.