SmartERP - (Powered by Idempiere) - Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

Tired of looking an Integrated software solution  "ERP" that doesn´t cover the requirements of your business? 

"Expensive Solutions " limited, non flexible and tied to only one supplier?  

Looking for an ERP capable of managing the continuous changes of regulation and  frequent adjustments of your industry? 

Looking for forms to improve your productivity but also the future and present return of your investment ?

Do you want to have your key information in your mobile Smartphone?  

We have good news for you, there is an alternative for you and you have arrived at the right place; SmartJSP is an experienced integrator and implementer of the best High quality open source and world class ERP solution:  Adempiere Business Solution

SmartERP was made to be flexible and customizable in record time, as opposed to a traditional ERP where personalization can require important efforts of development, tests and months of work, besides being subject to only one supplier, its model adapts in a natural way to your business processes,  and is not oriented to restricted modules. 

SmartERP  offers a highly flexible structure, completely parametric. For example: How easy is it to add fields in its current system to forms, reports and/or interfaces? Perhaps some weeks of work? With people and data processing? In Adempiere this can be done by  your business final users with minimum data processing and knowledge, in minutes! 

Built with High Levels of Quality, Tested to Global Level

SmartERP is a distribution of Idempiere ERP framework and Idempiere has been created by  a community of experts in ERP and integration on a worldwide basis,everything in a global collaborative approach to implement new functionalities and to correct bugs and issues on short periods of time. Due to its flexibility, it has been implemented in many countries and businesses in recent years, its friendly interface and functionality, integrated and extendible properties is capturing the attention of organizations and solid businesses that were accustomed to having expensive, problematic and restricted commercial ERP solutions.

Which business processes are covered by SmartERP?

SmartERP covers the key functionalities of a standard ERP : 

  • Inventory
  • Billing:  Quotations, Orders of Purchase, Sale
  • Procurement/Sales/Refunds
  • Logistics
  • Sales
  • Treasury: Multi-payment including banking conciliation. 
  • Accounting (permanent or periodic accounting) : Easy management and generation of accounting documents: proofs, · Budget Simplified and Agile
  • Provision · Reports and Standard Financial Indicators for management, taxes and control such as:  Balances, State of results, books, etc.
  • Flexible standards reporting to excel, pdf, html with filters, order, columns and so on

Offering besides: 

  • An integrated workflow and document management engine (attachments, warnings, console of messages). 
  • Integrated Business Intelligence (multiple dimensions of geographical analysis, by project, campaigns and many more customizable features; offers besides graphics and buckets, reports consolidated, programmable and customizable to decisions and distributable way mail in format pdf or excel.  · Personalized Reports and flexible with export to PDF option, excel and html; backup to multiple printers. 
  • Easy massive data importing
  • Web Store  for self-service (clients, suppliers, employed)
  • Third party Management extended (CRM)  
  • Ultra flexible finantial reports
  • Light Manifacturing
  • Easy integration with SmartPOS (Point of Sales)

More additional characteristics such as: 

  • Multi-Language and multi-currencies Documents
  • Multi-Business (with options of branch offices, multiple stores)
  • Multiple accounting plans and currencies – ideal for multinationals with different geographical locations
  • Complex materials and backup to multiple price lists by ítems
  • Interface extendible and intelligent user without works of programming
  • Powerful security:  It manages an extensive set of security roles and with maximum control of details: documents, operations, companies, data: boards, fields, registrations. It can restrict access and assign private areas of work.  Easy  access blockade of accounting periods. 
  • Integration with of directory servers using LDAP
  • Different levels of audit by roles · Multi-platform (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux)
  • Collaborative open source license
  • Web 2.0/RIA Environment with support for mobile environments
  • Strong and Flexible it can works from local networks, intranets to installations 7x24 with replication of data and high availability. 
  • Integration with standard e-mail servers
  • Long-term Viability:  With an initial license cost of 0, with thousands of consultants and companies contributing and improving the product, in collaborative work with high-quality standards and flexibility, they assure the product quality and flexibility to be adapted to the growth and evolution of your business
  • Low Cost of Property (TCO) – Upon being annulled the costs of discharge, different alternatives of implementation and services allow you to handle costs, maximizing the return of their investment. 
  • Architecture:  Using high quality standards coming from the financial industry (Java Enterprise and SOA), methodologies and latest generation frameworks; it also supports multiple databases such as Oracle (commercial) or Postgres (Open Source); it supports remote environments utilizing web services (Web services); offering the scalability and flexibility that your project requires for a long-term period.
  • High quality and flexibility tested to global level

Specialized Services for Adempiere. 

SmartJSP team are experts on Adempiere integration and personalization. We offer services such as: 

  • Implementation of basic product for local geography
  • Training in basic and advanced functional management: Business (expert accountants) and a Technical specialist.
  • Advanced customization of the product Look & Feel, flows, security. 
  • Integration with applications or external services. 
  • As Java technology experts we offer an extensive set of services for integration and Open Source products, we offer the perfect combination of experience, quality, times to market and flexibility for the implementation of Adempiere in your business. 

Other Options of Technical Support

Free support available using: Developer's Community,  Mailing Lists, Global Knowledge database and Commercial Books from Amazon.