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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) 

Tired of searching for Management Systems for your business, called "ERPs", which actually cover just one or two aspects in your company?


Which limit your business model to having only one provider?


Which do not adapt to the continuous changes of regulation and adjustments specific to your industry? Do you want to comply with international accounting and finance standards: NIC (IFRS - IFRS) gradually?


Are you looking for ways to improve not only your productivity but the return of the technological investment that your company makes to optimize the processes?


Do you need to access your information in a mobile and timely manner?

Well you have reached the right place, SmartJSP, with its experience, offers SmartERP a computer solution that really integrates in the same environment the operations of the company that require a registration, tracking, control and storage of external / internal documents.


It adapts to the processes of your business in a natural manner since it is not oriented to isolated and closed modules.

SmartERP integrates all areas of the company covering processes such as Inventory control, Accounting, Portfolio, Purchases - Sales, Production, CRM, Call Center and others in a Web, mobile, friendly and flexible environment. It contributes to management with the integrated control of workflows, document management, business intelligence, indicators (KPI), executive view on SmartPhones (Android technology); In addition, users without technical knowledge can design custom reports. It is multilingual, multi-currency which allows transparency in transactions between companies and countries.


SmartJSP as an integrator of Open Source solutions, is your strategic ally in the implementation of Idempiere Business Suite, a world-class ERP that offers the following functionalities among others.


SmartERP is a distribution (product enriched and adapted to a local geography) of IDempiere ERP, and was made to be flexible and customizable in record times, unlike a traditional ERP where these customizations may require significant development efforts, tests and months of work, in addition to being subject to a single provider.


Can the SmartERP solution can be customized, adapted to my company and help me improve productivity? YES and in a short time


In the system that you currently employ in your business, how easy is it to add fields in windows, reports and / or forms? Does it require personnel from the IT area? Are you forced to turn to the provider requesting new developments? A work of weeks? Our SmartERP product, because it is flexible, provides a fully parametrizable structure, which allows a business user with minimal computer knowledge to add all kinds of fields in minutes


Built with High Quality, Tested Globally

SmartERP is a "tropicalized" distribution of ERP Idempiere, meaning that it is adapted to specific countries such as Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Côte d'Ivoire, among others, optimized and developed by a community of experts in ERP and global integration, which collaborative form implements new functionalities and corrections ordered and defined by periods; IDempiere has been implemented in many countries and companies. In recent years its flexibility, friendly interface, integrated and extensible functionality is capturing the attention of organizations and solid companies that used to have only commercial software. 

What does SmartERP / IDempiere include ?

It covers the key functionalities of a standard ERP, such as:


  • Inventories: Control of stock per warehouse, movements in different units of measure, management of reserves, inventory by lots / serials / classifications, technical product sheets and multiple price lists.
  • Billing: Both in the buying and selling processes it is possible to configure permanent or periodic invoicing programs optimizing times for the operators responsible for the process. It allows generating Quotations and purchase / sale orders that belong to administrative control.
  • Purchases / Sales / Returns: These processes involve a series of subprocesses with different documents and reports in each organization, which SmartERP allows, in a flexible way, to track and define approval policies, mandatory documents and inventory rules.
  • Portfolio: Send notifications and collection circulars via email automatically to your clients in accordance with the internal policies of portfolio management. This tool facilitates portfolio analysis with the reports that are required in detail.
  • Treasury: Multipage Management, Cash Control and Banking Reconciliation.
  • Accounting: Easy handling and generation of vouchers, the accounting engine can be configured so that the accounting is in real time or in block with certain periodicity. Support in multiple accounting plans. Automatic repost processes.
  • Budget: Project your results easily and at the level of detail you require. Our tool allows you to budget all the operations in the company.
  • Supply: Do not lose sales opportunities due to lack of materials and / or products, SmartERP allows you to automate the order processes to suppliers according to the stock policy, ordered units and production schedule.
  • Financial Indicators: With which you can measure the effectiveness in the administration of your company focusing your efforts on what really needs your attention: to control costs and expenses by converting sales into profits.
  • Financial Reports: Multiple pre-designed reports for all types of industry, plus a flexible and robust engine that allows you to design customized reports and the needs of each company.
  • Fixed Assets: Efficient control of tangible assets acquired by the company. Technical sheet per asset, depreciation processes, reports per person responsible, alerts, historical records, automatic processes to write off assets, among others.
  • Payroll and Human Resources: Efficient and reliable SmartERP registers new payroll for settlement according to internal business processes and current regulations.
  • Production / Manufacturing: Automate your manufacturing processes with our allied tool in the planning and programming of the activities that take place in the production plant. Control of products and by-products.


Also offering:


  • Workflows and integrated document management(attachments to records, alerts, message console, tracking of assigned tasks, handling of requests).
  • Integrated Business Intelligence(multiple dimensions of geographic analysis, per project, campaigns and many more customizable, it also offers graphics, cubes, consolidated reports, balanced score card for decision making, which are programmable, customizable and distributed via mail in format pdf or excel).
  • Customizable and flexible reportswith the option to export in PDF, HTML, xml, csv and excel formats; support for multiple printers.
  • Easy mass import and data export directly by users.
  • Web store for self-service(customers, suppliers, employees)
  • Extended Client Management (CRM) that allows: a detailed knowledge of the work carried out by commercial staff, measuring business opportunities, continuous monitoring of prospects, classifying the market (by activities, geographic location, products, etc.).
  • Management of requests: PQR & Call Center integrated to any ERP record, third party, product, document, assets, etc., with automatic scaling processes.
  • Project management: Custom accounting scheme, monitoring in the planning and execution of the proposed projects.
  • Access to mobile devices to indicators

Other features:


Ideal for multinationals with different geographical locations for including:

  • Multi-language documents
  • Multi-currency documents
  • Multi-company (with branch options, multiple stores)
  • Multiple accounting schemes -Support for multiple accounts plans per country, currencies
  • Lists of complex materials (Formulation of products / subproducts) and support for multiple price lists by items
  • Intelligent and extensible user interface without programming tasks
  • Security integrated by roles and with maximum control at the level of: documents, operations, companies, data (tables, fields, records). Locking of records (private) and easy blocking of access to information for accounting periods.
  • Own security or integrable to LDAP security directories
  • Different levels of audit by roles
  • Multiplatform (Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux)
  • Collaborative Open Source license with which our users periodically have new functions and corrections worldwide.
  • Web 2.0 / RIA environment for mobile environments or client server.
  • Robust and flexible, it can operate from single user environments, local networks, and intranets to 7x24 installations with data replication and high availability.
  • Integration with standard email servers
  • Long-term feasibility: A 0 licensing cost, with thousands of consultants and global level clients contributing and improving the product, in a collaborative work scheme with high quality and flexibility standards, ensure the product's validity and the flexibility to adapt to the growth and evolution of your business.
  • Low Cost of Ownership (TCO) - When licensing costs are canceled, different implementation alternatives and services allow you to manage reasonable costs, maximizing the return on your investment.
  • Enterprise-level architecture: Using the highest standards of the financial industry (Java Enterprise and SOA), state-of-the-art methodologies and frameworks, integratable to databases such as Oracle (commercial) or Postgres (open source) or to remote environments using web services (Web services); offering the reliability and robustness that your project requires in the long term.
  • High quality and flexibility tested globally

Custom Reports

Specialized services for Idempiere.



SmartJSP as an expert in integration, extension and personalization of Idempiere, offers services of:


  • Specialized consulting
  • Implementation of a basic product for local geography
  • Training in management and basic and advanced parameterization: Business (Accountants) and Technology(IT staff)
  • Advanced customization of the product Look & Feel, flows, security.
  • Integration with external applications or services.
  • On-site support
  • As experts in business Java technology, integration and Open Source technology, we offer the perfect combination of experience, quality, response times and flexibility for the implementation of Idempiere in your company.

Other Support Options


 Free support available in:


· Developer community  

· Mailing lists

· Global Knowledge Base (historical archives)

· Commercial books (Amazon)


Integrated to SmartERP you can also find specialized solutions for Industry.

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