Agile Software Development and Off-The Shelf Solution Integration

In SmartJSP our team enjoys creating multiple alternative solutions to your business requirements, we are experts in the use of technologies  such as Java Enterprise (JEE), SOA, frameworks and agile open source tools (Open Source), industry standards and integration platform generating easy maintenance solutions.

Creativity and flexibility from conception to construction and test of your projects, using known standards such as UML and using previous cases for the modeling of your requirements until later installation in production following methodologies as Open Unified Process-SOMA, Agile or XP. Our team has the experience, resources and techniques to maximize quality, productivity and effectiveness of your project.

Our solutions offer:

  • Multi-Lingual Support
  • Flexibility and simplicity to minimize maintenance
  • Multiple front-end options: Desktop, Mobile and Web 2.0 applications using Ajax frameworks, Rich Internet Applications(RIA) using new generation frameworks such as:  JSF + ICEFaces
  • JEE and SOA architectures.
  • UML documentation during analysis, design and development
  • Integration with legacy applications using industry standards such as: EAI, EJB, Web Services or using middleware products such as: WebSphere MQ series.
  • Frameworks : JSF, AJAX, Spring,  IBatis, JPA,  Axis
  • Flexible service oriented data interfaces using XML in secure environments.
  • Development for multiple environments such as Unix: (Solaris, Linux, Aix) , Windows y Macintosh.
  • Deployment in multiple Application servers such as: JBOSS, Glassfish, IBM WebSphere and Oracle Weblogic 
  • Integration with multiple database engines: Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server; IBM DB2 and also open source DB engines such as: PostgreSQL, mysql,  MariDB, Derby y Hsql.
  • Agile languages for the Java platform such as:  Groovy.
  • From water-fall, Open Unified Process (Open Source RUP) to interactive and agile methodologies
  • Iterative delivery strategies to keep a high level of quality  (QA) maximizing the adaptability to the changing requirements of the current global e-business environments.

We also use Open Source Java Application Servers, web containers and development tools, to minimize licensing and maintenance costs for our customers, we are experts in products like:

  • Tomcat, JBoss,Jetty
  • Eclipse and NetBeans
  • Open ESB, WS02 and Apache ServiceMix