Strategic Consulting Services

Through a portfolio of training, mentoring, planning, management, architecture and  transfer of practical knowledge, it enables organizations, industries and IT teams, including: Financial Services, Healthcare, Government, Retail, etc.,to  align their  technology strategy, accelerating their projects according to the latest standards, tools and global solutions; maximizing the use of their technology platform, methodologies, services from the IT area, targets and indicators, etc., and coordinating and continuously advising your company team towards achieving successfully its strategic business objectives.

This means, that it manages to align its infrastructure, platform and IT services, with new practices that leverage the achievement business goals in an agile way.

For organizations in strategic planning processes, it provides real experience alternatives through the definition of structured information technologies in the short, medium and long term plan.

Typical Needs That Are Addressed

  • Identify and meet global and specific needs of the organization methodologically.
  • It combines management practices,methodologies and strategic management with global and open standards like OpenUP, PMI, CMMI, corporate governance, enterprise architecture and more.
  • Through mentoring activities and transfer of knowledge it is guided and accompanied in the strategic management of projects from conceptualization, architecture, resource management through continuous support at critical moments.
  • Recommend viable alternatives for future investments in information technologies, based on real business needs and the best practices worldwide.
  • Suggest supplier selection criteria according to the current needs and business requirements and under the priorities of the organization.


  • Maximize ROI and implementation times, effectively managing investments on specific needs according to their strategic vision and business processes.
  • Obtain an analysis and technology architecture plan to enable future growth of the organization depending on its strategic focus.
  • Identify solution scenarios involving operational and strategic areas, reusing the existing "know-how"...
  • Development of criteria for selecting suppliers under clear rules based on the specific needs of the organization.
  • Achieve adequate estimation and planning effort required for implementation in terms of money, time and resources.
  • Update knowledge and practical experience of the IT team, with training services, mentoring and strategic accompaniment, personalized and by demand that SmartJSP provides, to achieve autonomy and efficiency in the short and medium term .

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