Social Software and Collaborative Work Environments

Wikis, forums, blogs, chat, message boards, and mobile work spaces for projects... Are we talking about Google Apps? Facebook?  Linkedin?  No, we refer to concepts that are part of the current global business environments, critical aspects of productivity to our employees, customers, suppliers and business associates .

These popular tools in social networks can be used in a business oriented environment to improve the productivity, mobility and efficacy of work teams in different locations and countries.

Currently this concept of communities is applicable to environments of customers, user segments, suppliers, business allies and more; these opportunities of interaction are potential spaces of business for our company goals.  

SmartJSP implements and integrates the best social Open Source software products: Exo and Liferay. We offer the best of them plus high levels of flexibility and quality that surpass the usual commercial software. 

This suite of products can be integrated to existing business applications or deployed with our web content management (CMS) solutions for extranets, corprate portals and intranet solutions.

We also include agile integration to your existing security using standards like LDAP, offering the flexibility to choose the operating system of your preference and best of all : everything 100% Open Source.