BPM & Workflow

WorkFlow solutions define the flow of human activities or documents, monitoring their progress in several phases.  In this type of solution we can find many examples centered on document scenarios such as:  Collaborative document approval used within websites publication, using many levels of approval, basic monitoring, document attachment and so on.  

BPM (Business Process Management) besides the previous topics ,contemplates support for human interaction and integration of applications, this is the fundamental difference with the existing Workflow technology, because BPM integrates these human and document flows to the existent or new systems.  



SmartJSP provides Workflow and BPM implementation services, from document oriented solutions to advanced BPM Solutions with application and service intergration. We can help you with BPM infrastructure, applications, services and integration using SOA principles.  As Open Source integrators following open standards, we can offer the ideal balance of productivity, creativity and agility for your project.