Technical Architecture

SmartJSP has real and global experience leading architecture development and integration projects using suites of integration and middleware for e-business such as Oracle Weblogic, IBM WebSphere; where we can create multiple scenarios for integration with existing solutions, using standard architectures such as SOA, EAI, J2EE, .NET or open source.

Build, establish, improve or optimize the technical "pillars"in IT of your organization is a task that requires experience and judgment to balance the variables of business and technological reality, it is there where SmartJSP differentiates and adds value to your business.

We can build,  establish, improve or optimize the technical foundations  of your IT architecture balancing productivity, long term vision, quality with  the business reality;  SmartJSP architects add value to your business. 

We can summarize some key characteristics of our architects:  They create multiple alternatives helping the executives to understand the technical topics and to leading and helping in a efficient and agile form the technical team.


Key features of our architects

Create multiple alternatives, facilitate understanding to the executives and lead nimbly and efficiently the technical team.


Our deep knowledge in open standards of industry,  best practices and software life cycle management methodologies; plus an extensive list of projects delivered successfully in diverse industries such as:  Telecommunications, insurance, health, banking, education, civil engineering, farming and online auctions; all of this allows us to offer  you the perfect  balance between productivity, innovation and rational costs of maintenance.